T.E.A.R.S Walk 2018

In September of 2018 we had the pleasure of attending as well as photographing the 7th Annual T.E.A.R.S walk. Capturing an event like this means a great deal to my wife and I. We have gone through losses of our own so being a part of a group with this much support is amazing.

The TEARS Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that compassionately assists newly bereaved families with their baby’s funeral expenses and with ongoing emotional support. The TEARS Foundation's Rock & Walk event is a time for our community to gather, to walk and to rock, and lift up the families in our local communities who have been affected by the loss of a child

When you walk, you give hope and support to families in our community who have lost a baby whether it be from miscarriage, still birth, or infant loss. The money raised helps lift a financial and emotional burden from newly bereaved parents by supporting programs through The T.E.A.R.S Foundation right in your own community!

The people we met were so positive and caring. The hosts of the event were nice and helpful to everyone and the volunteers were great! The walk took place around a beautiful lake in Port Orange, FL. In attendance to show support was "Jeep Beach" who also donated a generous $5,000 to the T.E.A.R.S foundation. We are looking forward to attending and photographing the next T.E.A.R.S walk in February.

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